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SMLLA Spring Registration




Rates increase November 16th.

 Don't delay!


Who:  Baseball Age 4 – 12 (Wiffle – Majors), Age 13 (50/70)


Baseball ages for 2016 here


SAVE THE DATE: SMLLA Tryouts are Saturday, January 9th!

Welcome to San Mateo Little League American

Welcome to San Mateo Little League American! For over 55 years we have brought the great game of baseball to the youth of the San Mateo and Burlingame. Every year we have approximately 600 players swinging bats, throwing & catching balls, making new friends, seeing old friends and keeping Trinta Park filled with the neighbors in our communities - enjoying one of our nation's favorite pastimes. We are proud of the tradition SMLLA continues each Spring and will work hard to make sure it endures well into the future for our neighborhoods. SMLLA is chartered under the Little League Inc. of Williamsport, P.A. and is subject to all rules and regulations contained in their Official Rule Book. 

Fall Ball - Weekend Oct 10th & 11th

Saturday 10-Oct-15 12:00PM Trinta South Pending SMLLA Drillers SMLLA Naturals
Sunday 11-Oct-15 8:30AM Edgewater Park Majors FCTB2 SMLLA Orioles
Sunday 11-Oct-15 7:50AM Trinta North Majors SMLLA Phillies SMLLA Mets
Sunday 11-Oct-15 3:15PM Edgewater Park Majors FCTB3 SMLLA Rockies
Sunday 11-Oct-15 8:00AM Martens North AAA SMLLA Chiefs SMNLL Yankees
Sunday 11-Oct-15 7:50AM Trinta South AAA SMLLN #O SMLLA Bulls
Sunday 11-Oct-15 11:15AM Sea Cloud Park B-5 AAA FCTB3 SMLLA Tides
Sunday 11-Oct-15 10:00AM Trinta South AAA SMLLA Bats FCTB1
Sunday 11-Oct-15 10:00AM Martens North AAA SMLLA Redbirds SMNLL Giants
Sunday 11-Oct-15 7:45AM Martens South AA SMLLA Drillers SMLLN #D
Sunday 11-Oct-15 10:00AM Trinta North AA SMLLA Naturals SMNLL Grizzlies
Sunday 11-Oct-15 7:50AM Shoreview Park A SMLLN Raptors SMLLA Quakes
Sunday 11-Oct-15 10:00AM Shoreview Park A SMLLN Warriors SMLLA Mudcats







Little League Age Determination Chart for 2016

Little League Age Determination Chart for 2016

(Youngest age group for SMLLA 2016 season, Age 4, born 9/1/2011 - 8/31/2012)

Chart here

Upcoming Events

Thu 10/8 Fri 10/9 Sat 10/10 Sun 10/11 Mon 10/12

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Weather Updates

Games are played in the rain unless field conditions are a safety issue. Sign up for or SMLLA Twitter Feed for up to date weather information. 


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San Mateo Park & Rec Field Updates

Click Here: San Mateo Park & Rec Field Updates

Note: The City of San Mateo does post when they close all fields. We have the permits for Trinta Park and the City knows how much time and effort that we put into the fields. They have graciously let SMLLA determine if a game should or should not be played based on field conditions. They are keenly aware that SMLLA would not do anything to compromise the integrity of our beloved fields.