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Welcome to San Mateo Little League American

Welcome to San Mateo Little League American! For over 55 years we have brought the great game of baseball to the youth of the San Mateo and Burlingame. Every year we have approximately 600 players swinging bats, throwing & catching balls, making new friends, seeing old friends and keeping Trinta Park filled with the neighbors in our communities - enjoying one of our nation's favorite pastimes. We are proud of the tradition SMLLA continues each Spring and will work hard to make sure it endures well into the future for our neighborhoods. SMLLA is chartered under the Little League Inc. of Williamsport, P.A. and is subject to all rules and regulations contained in their Official Rule Book. 


Due to the overwhelming turnout FALL BALL REGISTRATION HAS CONCLUDED!  Fall Ball Registration has been forced to end early this year.  All Teams are fully staffed with players.  Teams have been assigned, and you should be contacted within the next week by your Managers and given more information.

Some information is available on our Fall Ball Page...



If you have questions, email



District 52 Tournament has ended.  Congratulations to all of our teams.

The 11/12 year old All Star team season comes to an end with a 2-1 loss to Champion Pacifica-American at Holbrook-Palmer Park Field. 

The 10/11 season ended on Saturday with a 11-1 loss to Half Moon Bay.

The 9-10 year old season ended with a 12-11 loss to San Mateo-National.


District 52 12s

First Round:  13-3 Victory over Redwood City

Second Round:  8-3 Victory over Palo Alto American

Quarterfinals:  10-9 Victory over Palo Alto National

Semifinals:  5-4 Loss to Pacifica-American

Elimination Semifinals :  10-8 Victory over Palo Alto National

Championship Finals:  2-1 Loss to Pacifica-American

Next game:  Season Over

Bracket:  LINK


District 52 11s

First Round:  9-1 Victory over Alpine

Second Round:  6-0 Victory over Palo Alto National

Quarterfinals:  11-8 Loss to Pacifica-American

Elimination Round:  11-1 Loss to Half Moon Bay

Next Game:  Season Over

Bracket:  LINK


District 52 10s

First Round:  14-8 Victory over Redwood City-East

Second Round:  7-5 Loss to Hillsborough

Elimination Round 2:  9-3 Victory over Foster City

Elimination Round 3:  10-9 Victory over Pacifica-American

Elimination Round 4:  11-1 Victory over Belmont-Redwood Shores

Elimination Round 5:  12-11 Loss to San Mateo-National

Next Game:  Season Over

Bracket:  LINK


Majors Superbowl

12-2 win over Palo Alto American on 6/18

13-5 loss to San Carlos National on 6/19

Bracket:  LINK


Minors Superbowl Blue

12-3 win over Pacifica American on 6/17

12-0 win over Alpine on 6/18

7-5 loss to Belmont-Redwood Shores on 6/19

Bracket:  LINK


Minors Superbowl White

7-6 win over Hillsborough on 6/17

10-3 win over San Mateo National on 6/18

14-10 win over San Carlos on 6/19

9-5 loss to Belmont-Redwood Shores on 6/20

Bracket:  LINK


Cal League Champions CARDINALS


Text Alerts - Be the first to know

Games are played in the rain unless field conditions are a safety issue. CLICK  HERE to sign up for TEXT ALERTS from SMLLA.

Always assume games are ON unless you see a text alert, see an update on the web or hear from your manager.



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San Mateo Park & Rec Field Updates

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Note: The City of San Mateo does post when they close all fields. We have the permits for Trinta Park and the City knows how much time and effort that we put into the fields. They have graciously let SMLLA determine if a game should or should not be played based on field conditions. They are keenly aware that SMLLA would not do anything to compromise the integrity of our beloved fields.