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Board of Directors

SMLLA is a non-profit organization lead by its Board of Directors. Board members volunteer their time to provide children, families and the community of San Mateo the necessary services, facilities, and resources to enjoy the sport of baseball in a way that is fun and exciting.

New and existing board members are elected by the current board every baseball season.

Below is the Board of Directors for 2023/2024 baseball season.


  • Jeff Gilbert, Jon Wells* President
  • Robyn Gordon Player Agent, Juniors-Minors
  • Open Board Seat Player Agent, Cal-Wiffle
  • Brandon Loew Secretary
  • Brian Yoshino, Jim DeMartini* Treasurer


  • John Stone, Jesse Jones* Head of Field Operations
  • Joe Godfrey, Nick Johnson* Registration and Schedule
  • Steve Forrest, Jon Wells* Head of Auxiliary
  • Mike Wolger, Joe Vanpool* Head of Safety
  • Larry Weyer, Andy Rodriguez* Head of Umpires
  • Chris Yee Social, Website & Communications
  • Joe Girard, Dan Provence* Sponsorships
  • Fadi Shamieh, Joe Girard* Head of Equipment and Maintenance (non-field)


  • Andy Ward Juniors
  • Jim DeMartini Majors
  • Alex Kaminaris PCL
  • Jason Humphrey Minors
  • Andrew Armstrong Cal
  • Joe Vanpool Single A
  • Robert Alden T-Ball
  • Russell Wong Wiffle Ball

* Shadowing