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Board of Directors

2021-2022 Board Term, Runs through 8/31/2022

Executive Committee Board Member General Responsibilities
President Jeff Gilbert Overall League Management, District Representative
Player Agent Robyn Kamisher Player Evaluations, Waivers, Draft, Player Pool
VP, Technology Joe Godfrey Recruiting, Registration, Rostering, Scheduling
VP, Baseball John Stone Fields, Permits, Batting Cage, Team allotments
Co-Secretary Laura Bent Board Meetings, Scheduling, Minutes & Records
Co-Secretary Marc Erlandson Board Meetings, Scheduling, Minutes & Records
Treasurer Brian Yoshino League Finances, Accounting, Non-Profit Compliance


Divisional Commissioner     Board Member
Juniors Catherine Dillon
Majors Mike Conti
PCL Brandon Loew
Minors Andy Ward
Cal League Marc Erlandson
Single A Jason Humphrey
T-Ball Alex Kaminaris
Wiffle Ball Ken Schaff
Fall Ball Andy Ward / Joe Godfrey


Other Board Positions Board Member General Responsibilities
VP, Safety Mike Wolger Volunteer Training & Compliance
VP, Equipment Jim Mrowka Procurement, Distribution, Collection of League provided equipment
VP, Umpires Tim Wilcox Adult & Youth Umpires
VP, Fundraising & Sponsorship Mark McGee Fundraiser Events, Sponsorships, Banners
VP, Marketing Larry Weyer Website, Social Media, Communications
VP. Auxillary Jon Wells Opening Day, Picture Day, Closing Ceremonies, Yearbook
Auxillary Assistant Pete Schuitt Assistant to the VP, Auxillary
Auxillary Assistant Fadi Shamieh Assistant to the VP, Auxillary


Non-Board Member Volunteers Name General Responsibilities
VP, Uniforms Jason Gordon Jerseys, Hats, SMLLA Swag for Spring, Fall, and District Seasons
Our 2022 Board of Directors @ Opening Day, 3/5/22

Our 2022 Board of Directors @ Opening Day, 3/5/22

Trinta Board Room & Snack Shack

Trinta Board Room & Snack Shack

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