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Batting Cage Guidelines

To access the batting cages, use the combination code given by your commissioner.


  • Screens -There are multiple L screens, tees and pitching machine balls in the cage. Whether you are doing live pitching, soft toss or pitching machine, please use the screens. 
  • Pitching machine - The pitching machine (aka "Iron Mike") looks like a relic but it reliably throws strikes. Turn the 2 switches to ON and use the "clicker" to stop and start pitching.  When you stop Iron Mike, it doesn't shut down immediately.  It usually throws one additional pitch
  • BP outside of cage - You can open up the back gate and setup up to 2 additional stations hitting off the tee and soft toss.  When you open the back gates, be mindful of traffic coming up and down the street.  If you are hitting in nets, please angle the batter towards South Field's fence and not the Auto Shop. 
  • Schedule - The cage schedule is typically back-to-back. If your scheduled time is 5-6pm, please be out of the cage at 5:59pm so the next team can start on time.  

When leaving the cage:

  • Bring all L-screens and tee's inside
  • Pick up all the balls
  • Cover Iron Mike
  • Turn off the lights
  • Lock the front and back gates
  • Double check the bathroom is locked


The bathroom is locked.  The key is located in a lockbox on the fence.  The code will be the same as the cage.  Please put the key back in the lock box after using it. Remember to lock the bathroom after your team is done with the cage. 

If you have any questions, reach out to your Commissioner.

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