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Interested in volunteering as a Manager or Coach, but want more information? Read our FAQs and learn about our Manager selection Process.


  1. Remember to post your scores and pitch counts as soon as possible post-game. They are due by noon the day following your game. Instructions.
  2. Rosters and Schedules have been posted on the website. Please review and let us know if anything is amiss. Managers may add jersey numbers to their team's roster. Instructions.
  3. Team Sponsors have been added to each Team's Home Page.


  1. Coaches on the field during games:
    1. Majors - Minors: 3 on field coaches/managers.  It is a little league rule.  1 manager + 2 badged coaches.  All standing behind the opening of the dugout or in the dugout.
    2. Cal - Tball: 4 on field coaches/managers.  Check the website for positioning.
      1. Do not pitch from a knee, you must stand and end at the edge of the grass.  Do not start at the edge of the grass.  Position the player pitcher.
  2. Pitch and Catcher Considerations:
    1. Majors:
      1. Pitch counts ramp up by month - Majors: March 65, April 75, May 85 (But you must always follow the Little League age limits - ages 12 and 11. No more than 85; and ages 9 and 10. No more than 75)
      2. 66+ pitches – 4 days rest;  51-65 pitches – 3 days rest; 36-50 pitches – 2 days rest; 21-35 pitches – 1 days rest; 1-20 pitches – 0 days rest
    2. PCL and Minors:
      1. 50 pitches max – no matter age; all season (post season too); days of rest above apply!
    3. CAL:
      1. 40 pitches or 2 innings max – no matter age, all season and post; days of rest above apply!
  3. Pitcher to Catcher; Catcher to Pitcher:
    1. If a catcher starts the 4th inning of catching (in a row), they can’t pitch
    2.  If a pitcher throws 40 pitches in a game than they can’t catch!  They can start their last batter at 39 and end after 40.  No new batter at 40.
  4. Rules for all:
  • All scores and pitch counts must be entered that night or the next morning.  If you need help ask me or your commissioner.
  • All pitch count sheets must be filed in the board room by team.  Scorekeepers must fill out pitch counts for both teams (catchers too).
  • Do not, under any circumstances argue with kid umpires.  Managers are the only one that can approach the kid umpire, no coaches allowed.
  • No music can be played in the score booth and scorekeepers must remain unbiased and no cheering or coaching from the booth.
  • Player Pool players must come from the Player agent or commissioner with notice.  You can’t just grab or ask a kid on your own.  You need 9 to start, 8 to finish.
  • You must have a scorekeeper (best to have 3) for your game, please reach out to me or the opposing team if you can’t supply one.
  • Please enter pitch counts correctly.  If a kid pitches 23 pitches to their last batter (and they started that last batter at 19), enter 20.  You want to enter by the threshold if a coach takes a pitcher out before reaching the limit.  If a pitcher starts the batter at 34 and ends that batter at 38, you enter 35 so they stay under the 2 days rest threshold.  If a kid pitches 56 pitchers and started that batter after 50 than they didn’t stop before a threshold and therefore you enter 56.  Always call me or ask for help if needed.  Both Managers must sign the pitch count sheets before they are filed after the game.  We should never see a pitch count in PCL or Minors over 50 (if so, it was a violation).  We should never see a kid pitch over 40 in Cal (or two innings) unless it was a violation.
  • Violation of rules (ex. exceeding the pitch count limit) will result in disciplinary actions like suspension of the manager and inability for the player to pitch.
  • Badged coaches and managers only on the field.

Medical Forms

Managers are required to carry their team's Little League medical forms with you to all practices and games, in case of injury. If you don't have them, please contact your division's commissioner. If you need to miss a practice, please give them to an assistant coach.

Field Permits

Each Year, SMLLA applies, pays for, and receives field permits from the Department of Parks and Recreation at the City of San Mateo.  We have a city issued permit for each and every baseball field that our teams use to Practice and play Games.

Some unpermitted groups attempt to use our fields.  Sometimes, they are baseball teams with coaches from organizations that do get field allocations. Sometimes they are groups from other sports (soccer, cricket, rugby, etc).  

If a group is infringing upon our permitted fields during your scheduled practice or game, and they refuse to move when asked politely, please call the San Mateo Park Rangers immediately. The Park Rangers number is 650.787.9153.  The Rangers have access to all of our permits and will relocate the other group.

Additionally, please do not schedule your team to drop-in on a field without a permit.  This could negatively affect our ability to get future field permit allocations from the City.  You may trade with another SMLLA Team Manager for an SMLLA permitted field slot, but please do not use other fields without a permit.

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