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Out of Bounds Forms

SMLLA exceptions for Spring (regular season)

If you do not live in the SMLLA District you can be eligible if ONE of the following apply:

*Currently reside outside of SMLLA Boundaries and your child attends school within the SMLLA boundaries: School Enrollment Form

*Currently reside outside of SMLLA Boundaries but had previously lived within SMLLA Boundaries

*Currently reside outside of SMLLA Boundaries and player had previously had a sibling play in the SMLLA Program

*My child wants to play Wiffle or T-Ball and our local little league does NOT offer this program

Little League IID or IIA

This claim under II(d) is being filed because The player’s address or school location changed The league’s boundaries have changed The player is a sibling of a player who previously qualified for II(d) or II(a)

Regular IV (h)

Regulation IV (h) If a person had previously resided within the league boundaries for two years while serving that league as a dedicated manager, coach or member of the Local League Board of Directors for two years, his or her sons and/or daughters are eligible to try out and be selected by teams in that league (1) provided such service to the league from which the person has moved has continued, (2) subject to written agreement from the league within whose boundaries they currently reside and (3) supported by a recommendation of the District Administrator, to Regional Director to the Charter Committee.