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California League Division (Ages 8-9)

Approximately half of all registered 9's will be drafted to the California League with the rest playing in our Minors division.  Approximately half of 8's will play in California League, with the rest playing in our Single A division.
Many Little League Rules have been modified at the California League Level. For the first month of the season (March) it's Coach Pitch. After April 1st, kids start pitching from 42' (4' shorter than the older divisions). There are no walks in Cal League. If a Kid pitcher throws 4 balls to a batter, a coach will come in to finish the batter. Other rules are also simplified. Standings are kept and the season culminates with a postseason playoff tournament.
Team's typically play a 10-12 game schedule, with practices beginning in February and games running from March to May. There is typically 1 field practice, 1 batting practice, and 1 or 2 games per week. Cal League games are typically played on Trinta South. There is one weekend game and an occasional weekday game. Practices are typically at a local field in San Mateo. Batting Cages are at Trinta or a local batting cage facility.

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