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For Parents

Our Seasons

Each year, SMLLA offers two separate seasons of baseball with separate sign ups and fee structures.

Spring Baseball, which typically runs from February to early June.  Practices begin in February and games usually start the first weekend in March.  We usually take two weekends off for Spring Break.  This is what is typically known as the "Little League Season".  

Following our Spring Season, some players are selected to play on SMLLA's All-Star teams.  Learn more about All-Stars.

Fall Baseball (aka "Fall Ball"), which typically runs from late-August until mid-November. This is a fun, casual, and opportunity-driven baseball experience that is focused on player development. The season runs concurrently with "Travel or Club Baseball"  where some of our Spring Players play baseball during this time of the year. 

Baseball Age

For our Spring Season, we offer baseball programs for children  from 4 years old up to 14, measured in "Baseball Age".

For Fall Ball, we offer divisions for "Baseball Ages" 7 to 12.

What is "Baseball Age"? 
It's a term created by Little League to confuse parents about how old their child actually is.  (sort of like dog years, but different)
Once you know your child's baseball age, Learn More about our Spring Divisions and Age Groups to find out what level they may play.

Evaluations and Drafts

SMLLA's Competition Goals are designed to Create Competitive Balance for all Spring Season Divisions where score and standings are kept and post-season playoffs are held. These Divisions are Majors, PCL, Minors, Cal, and Single A.  While winning isn't everything, kids have more fun when the teams are fairly even and games are close. 

SMLLA also strives to ensure that each child plays in the Division that best fits their skill level. All children develop baseball skills at their own pace and have the most fun playing against players with similar skillsets.  Our Team Managers will work with all Players to develop their skills over the course of the season at field practices, batting practices, and during games.  When a team has players of similar skillsets, it makes it easier for our volunteer Managers to plan skill-appropriate drills for team practices.

With that in mind, prior to the start of each Spring Season, SMLLA holds a mandatory "Player Evaluation Session" for all registered players ages 7-12 for Little League and 13-14 for Juniors. Evaluations are typically scheduled on a weekend in January. During evaluations, all players are run through a series of drills that are designed to allow Team Managers an opportunity to view each player's  current baseball skills in the following areas: throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, baserunning, and pitching. 

Following evaluations,  the SMLLA President, Player Agent, VP of Registration, Divisional Commissioners and Team Managers meet for each Division to Draft Teams.  All registered players will be drafted onto a team.

While this process isn't perfect, and competitive balance will vary from year-to-year and division-to-division, in our experience, it provides more balance when compared with leagues who use a "Keeper League" structure, which is the other option in Little League Baseball.

There are no evaluations or drafts for players ages 4-6.  In our non-competitive T-Ball and Wiffle-Ball Divisions, teams are formed by the Divisional Commissioners and Managers, using Buddy Requests  (Friend Requests) and school attendance.

Eligibility Requirements & Waivers

To play with us during the Spring Season, please validate your home or school addresses in the Little League Finder.

If you do not live within SMLLA District Boundaries you can be eligible if one of the following apply:

1. You currently reside outside of SMLLA's Boundaries but your child attends school within SMLLA 's Boundaries.  Check your child's school address in the Little League Finder.  If your school falls within our Boundaries, you will need to complete this form, have it  signed by your school, and submit it during registration.

2. You currently reside outside of SMLLA's Boundaries but you previously lived within SMLLA's Boundaries and your current player (or an older sibling) previously played in our league.  You will need need to complete and submit this form during registration.

3. Your child wants to play Wiffle-Ball or T-Ball AND your local Little League does not offer that program. Please register and play Wiffle Ball or T-Ball with us, but you may need to move back to your local league for the next season (unless you meet one of the other eligibility requirements above).

Less Common Waiver Forms:

The Player Pool

SMLLA opts to use a 'Player Pool' to aid Teams who are short players on game days. This helps Teams avoid forfeits or the need to reschedule. When managers have a need for an upcoming game, they reach out to the SMLLA Player Agent who assigns a Pool Player (or two) for their game. Pool players come dressed to the game in their regular uniform. 

USA BAT Standard

Little League Baseball® adopted the USA Baseball bat standard for mandated use effective January 1, 2018.  All players in Majors and below (4-12) must have a bat with the USA logo.  See the USA Bat Website for more information.  

For our Juniors Division (ages 13 & 14):
Bats meeting the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) standard may be used in the Intermediate (50-70) Division and Junior divisions (54-80).  USA Bats may also be used at this level.

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