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Our Seasons

Every year, SMLLA presents two distinct baseball seasons, each with its own registration and fee structures.

The Spring Baseball season, generally spanning from February to early June, initiates practices in February, with games commencing on the first weekend of March. Typically recognized as the "Little League Season," we observe two weekends off for Spring Break. Post Spring Season, selected players have the chance to participate in SMLLA's All-Star teams.

On the other hand, Fall Baseball, also known as "Fall Ball," typically unfolds from late August to mid-November. This season is characterized by a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, emphasizing player development. It coincides with "Travel or Club Baseball," providing an opportunity for some of our Spring Players to engage in baseball during this period of the year.

Baseball Age

"Baseball age" typically refers to a player's age as calculated for the purpose of participating in a baseball league or program. The calculation may be based on the player's age as of a specific date, often determined by the rules or guidelines of the baseball organization or league. It is a way to categorize players into appropriate age groups for organized play, ensuring fair competition and development opportunities. The concept of "baseball age" is commonly used to place players in divisions that align with their age and skill level. Learn More and Find Your Child's Baseball Age.


SMLLA's competition goals are formulated to establish competitive balance across all Spring Season Divisions, including Majors, PCL, Minors, Cal, and Single A, where scores and standings are maintained, and post-season playoffs take place. While winning isn't the sole focus, the enjoyment for kids heightens when teams are evenly matched, and games remain closely contested.

Ensuring that each child plays in the Division aligning with their skill level is a paramount goal for SMLLA. Recognizing that children develop baseball skills at their own pace, the organization strives to maximize fun by fostering an environment where players face peers with similar skillsets. Team Managers actively collaborate with all players, focusing on skill development during field and batting practices, as well as actual games. The alignment of players with comparable skills facilitates the planning of skill-appropriate drills for team practices by our volunteer Managers.

In preparation for each Spring Season, SMLLA conducts a mandatory "Player Evaluation Session" for registered players aged 7-12 for Little League and 13-14 for Juniors, typically scheduled on a weekend in January. These evaluations involve a series of drills, enabling Team Managers to assess each player's current skills in throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, baserunning, and pitching.


Following evaluations, key stakeholders, including the SMLLA President, Player Agent, VP of Registration, Divisional Commissioners, and Team Managers, convene to draft teams for each Division. While this process may not be flawless, and competitive balance may vary, it has proven to be more balanced compared to leagues adopting a "Keeper League" structure, which is an alternative in Little League Baseball.

For players aged 4-6 in our non-competitive T-Ball and Wiffle-Ball Divisions, teams are formed by Divisional Commissioners and Managers, utilizing Buddy Requests (friend requests) and school attendance, eliminating the need for assessments.

Eligibility Requirements & Waivers

To play with us during the Spring Season, please validate your home or school addresses in the Little League Finder.

If you do not live within SMLLA District Boundaries you can be eligible if one of the following apply:

1. You currently reside outside of SMLLA's Boundaries but your child attends school within SMLLA 's Boundaries.  Check your child's school address in the Little League Finder.  If your school falls within our Boundaries, you will need to complete this form, have it  signed by your school, and submit it during registration.

2. You currently reside outside of SMLLA's Boundaries but you previously lived within SMLLA's Boundaries and your current player (or an older sibling) previously played in our league.  You will need need to complete and submit this form during registration.

3. Your child wants to play Wiffle-Ball or T-Ball AND your local Little League does not offer that program. Please register and play Wiffle Ball or T-Ball with us, but you may need to move back to your local league for the next season (unless you meet one of the other eligibility requirements above).

Less Common Waiver Forms:

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