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Fall Ball Player Registration

2022 Fall Ball Registration is Open

Fall Ball Eligibility Requirements

Like Spring Baseball, SMLLA's Fall Ball program is open to children who live within SMLLA's boundaries OR go to school within SMLLA's boundaries. Fall Ball is also open to children whose home Little League DOES NOT OFFER a Fall Ball program. You do not need a waiver. To learn more about "Baseball Age" and whether your home or school address falls within SMLLA's boundares, visit our Parent Resource Center.

Fall Ball 2022 FAQ

Fall Baseball (aka "Fall Ball") typically runs from late-August until mid-November. This is a fun, casual, and opportunity-driven baseball experience that is focused on player development. The season runs concurrently with "Travel or Club Baseball", where some of our Spring Players play baseball during this time of the year.  In Fall 2021, we had over 200 players playing baseball in three hybrid Divisions.

For 2022, we are offering the following Fall Ball programs:

  • Ages 7 to 12 (at Trinta Park with SMLLA) - Children MUST be at least Baseball Age 7 to register.  *We may make limited exceptions for 6's who played Single A this spring and held their own.
    • Divisions of Play
      MAJORS: Primarily 12's and 11's  (Full LL Majors rules)
      PCL/Minors Hybrid:    Primarily 10's and 9's (100% Kid Pitch, limited rules)
      CAL:    Primarily 8's, 7's, and 6's  (Coach Pitch transitions to Kid Pitch mid-season; similar to our Spring CAL League)
  • Ages 12 to 14 (Juniors 54/80, locations TBD within District 52) - more information to follow, but we'd like to gauge the interest level from kids who played Juniors this season AND also those 12's who are moving up next year and interested in playing on the bigger field during the fall.  If your player is interested, please register and send us an email at to let us know your preference.  We hope to be able to field at least 1 team for this age group.
Team Rosters: Based on registration numbers and available field space, Teams are created primarily by AGE (for Division), known ability, prior league of play, and buddy requests made on the registration form. While we do our best, we can’t guarantee team placement. Managers will have some control over their team's roster. Please note AGE is the primary determinant of league placement. All 11-12 must be in Majors and we work down from there. There is NO player evaluation day and there is NO draft.

Games:  Games are 1x per week be on a weekend, usually at Trinta or another local field.  We make an effort to schedule around other popular fall sports, namely AYSO and Next Level Basketball.
Practices: Field practice is 1x per week on a weekday in the late afternoon  or evening.  Batting practices are also 1x per week (some teams may opt out of cage time). Specific times and locations of practices are determined by Team Managers via draft. 
Structure: We encourage Managers to rotate players and encourage players to try new positions. While we are still playing competitive baseball, the primary focus of Fall Ball is Player Development. Pitch count limits may be lower during Fall Ball to encourage pitcher development.
Uniforms: SMLLA will provide each player a hat. Parents are required to order their child's jersey through the Nike/SMLLA portal. More information will be provided by the team manager. In addition to the registration fee, the approximate price for the jersey is $25 per player.