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SMLLA's Local Rules

Local Rules - Spring Season

In addition to the Little League® Official Rules (aka the "Green Book"), the SMLLA Board and our Divisional Commissioners have instituted some local rules and clarifications for each of our Divisions.  These are documented below. ***Little League Age Limits & Rest Rules Still Apply for our Pitchers!!!

Local Rules
by Division
for 2023
Juniors 54/80 (District 52) Andy Ward During pre-season, pitchers may throw a maximum of 50 pitches in a game. For the first month of the regular season, pitchers may throw a maximum of 70 pitches in a game
Majors, PCL, & Minors Majors: Pete Schuit
PCL: Andy Ward
Minors: Alex Kaminaris
Majors: March 65, April 75, May 85
PCL: 50
Minors: 50
Cal League Jason Humphrey 40 Pitches or 2 Innings
Single A Andrew Armstrong N/A
T-Ball Jason Humphrey N/A
Wiffle Ball Jim DeMartini N/A
Courtesy Runner for Pitcher and Catcher
A courtesy runner will be allowed for pitchers and catchers of the NEXT inning when there are 2 outs.  That courtesy runner must be the last recorded out.  For PCL, Minors, Cal, Single A - If there is no next inning because the time limit has hit and the current inning is deemed the last inning, a courtesy runner will not be allowed.  For Single A, this applies to Catcher and not pitcher.

SMLLA Divisional Rules - Quick Reference

Last updated 1/31/2023

Gameday Requirements

All coaches who are on the field for Game Day must be Badged. If you are short a coach/manager, you may ask any badged coach from any team to help. Make sure you have a minimum of 3 coaches, unless you want to use a player to coach a base (a helmet is required). You must use a coach/manager for the dugout (even if you have only 1); players may coach the bases, but not the dugout. Limits by Division:

Wiffle Ball Unlimited - Parents can be on the field
T-Ball, Single A, and Cal

1 Manager and 3 Coaches (4 total)

 *1 Coach policing the Dugout at all times 

 *Coaches may be on the field on defense

Minors, PCL, Majors and Juniors 1 Manager and 2 Coaches (3 total)

Please keep other parents off of the field.

For Single A and above:

  • Home teams do Field Prep – before and after the game!  Trinta Field Prep Manual
  • Visiting teams are responsible for Scorekeeping and man the Booth.  Detailed information on Scorekeeping Requirements.
  • Pitch Counts - Pitch count violations are serious! Please be aware of your kids ages and the pitch count rules for your Division. 
  • Please also be aware of the Pitcher Rules for your  Catchers (you can’t catch if you throw 40+ pitches, you can’t pitch if you start catching the 4th inning). Pitch counts and days rest are on the website and should be printed on your badge.
  • Pitch all your pitchers at some point. Try to rotate and develop 4-6 pitchers regularly, if possible.  Slowly ramp up those arms in the preseason and first month of the season.
  • Umpires - Do not under any circumstances bully or influence the kid umpires.  The only adult on the field talking to an umpire is a Manager (assistant coaches can’t talk to umpires).  If your assistant coach has an issue they come to you as the Manager who than talks to the umpire.
  • Player Pool – Please give the Player Agent 3 days if you can.  The Player Agent will do everything they can to get you a player.  A team should never have to forfeit. You can use a pool player if you have 10 or less. You can only use 2 to get you to 9 to start a game. Start with 9, end with 8 is ok.  Start with 8 is a forfeit so let’s reschedule if you know this will be a problem way in advance. 

Local Rules - Fall Ball

In addition to the Little League® Official Rules (aka the "Green Book"), the SMLLA Fall Ball Team & Managers have agreed on some local rules and clarifications for each of our Divisions.  These are documented below.


Rules Link
Majors Fall Ball Rules Addendum
Minors/PCL Coming Soon
CAL Coming Soon


The Player Pool

SMLLA opts to use a 'Player Pool' to aid Teams who are short players on game days. This helps Teams avoid forfeits or the need to reschedule. When managers have a need for an upcoming game, they reach out to the SMLLA Player Agent who assigns a Pool Player (or two) for their game. Pool players come dressed to the game in their regular uniform. 

USA BAT Standard

Little League Baseball® adopted the USA Baseball bat standard for mandated use effective January 1, 2018.  All players in Majors and below (4-12) must have a bat with the USA logo.  See the USA Bat Website for more information.  

For our Juniors Division (ages 13 & 14):
Bats meeting the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution (BBCOR) standard may be used in the Intermediate (50-70) Division and Junior divisions (54-80).  USA Bats may also be used at this level.

LL Rule or No?

Let's avoid rule debates in the middle of games!  Review this site to debunk those Urban Baseball Myths.

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