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Youth Umpire Resource Center

Become a Youth Umpire

Being a youth umpire is an important (and fun) opportunity.  As a league, our Little League relies on youth umpires to officiate games at ALL LEVELS.  Furthermore, we believe being an umpire helps our kids learn the game, build sympathy for the umpires overseeing their games, and earn some extra money or get volunteer hours for school.

If you are Baseball Age 11 or older and didn't sign-up to be umpire during registration, please register here and attend the umpire clinic.

Umpire Clinic

Just like the game of baseball, kids are better umpires when they practice.  So, we want all new and returning umpires to attend our UMPIRE CLINIC on Saturday Jan 28 at 9-1030am at Trinta Park.  At the clinic, one of lead umpires (Joe) will walk thru rules in both a "classroom" and on the field setting (assuming the fields are suitable).  

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