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For Scorekeepers

SMLLA Scorekeepers

Thank you volunteer Scorekeepers!  From the "best seat in the house" at Trinta (right behind home plate), you help keep our spectators out in the bleachers informed on the game play.  You also help our Managers keep our pitchers under our designated pitch count limits. Thank you!

The Scorer's Booth @ Trinta Park

To effectively run the Scorer's Booth at Trinta, we recommend having at least 3 people in the booth, but you need at least 2. 

These are 3 jobs in the Booth.

The Official Scorekeeper - who's duties include:

  • Keeping the official paper scorebook and paper pitch count sheets (1 for each team). 
  • Keep the official time of the game for Divisions with Time Limits (Pro tip: start a countdown timer on your mobile phone).
  • Collaborating with the Scoreboard Operator to ensure the Scoreboard is correct (focus first on Pitch Counts, then the Count & Outs, then Score and Inning). 
  • Getting both Team Managers to sign the Pitch Count sheets after the game and placing them in the folders in the Boardroom. 
  • Coordinating with their Team Manager to post the Final Scores and Stats to the SMLLA website. All scores and pitch count must be entered following games, or by noon the next day at the latest.  Commissioners shouldn’t have to remind Managers but they will! 

Adding Scores/Stats to the Website |  Know Our Pitch Count & Local Rules  |  Know the "Finish the Batter Rule"

The Electronic Scoreboard Operator - Responsible for keeping the Score, Balls/Strikes/Outs, Inning, and Pitch Counts up-to-date on the Scoreboard, so our fans in the bleachers always know situation.  Instructions for Scoreboard Operators

The Announcer - Responsible for announcing each batter as they come to the plate and the Pitcher/Catcher at the beginning of the game or when a new Pitcher/Catcher is substituted into the game.  This role may be filled by a child with Adult Supervision.   Best Practices for Announcers


Advanced scorekeepers may sometimes multi-task and have 1 person run both the Scoreboard and also do Announcing.  If you have only 2 people, consider foregoing Announcing and concentrate on Scorekeeping & the Scoreboard.

For Single A and above, the visiting team is responsible for manning the Booth (the home team does field prep). Team Managers will ask for volunteers from their team's parents. If you are short people for the Score Booth, please ask for help the HOME team or someone in the stands. It's a forfeit if the visiting team doesn't have at least a scorekeeper.

There are the same scoreboard setups on both fields (Trinta North & South).  An SMLLA Board Member will unlock the Scorer's Booth and turn on the Scoreboard before every game and turn off the Scoreboard and lock the Scorer's Booth after each day's games are completed. The Scoreboard Console and Microphone will be in the Booth prior to games.

For Official Scorekeepers: All of the scorebooks, pitch count sheets, and pencils will be in the Boardroom (above the Trinta Snack Bar). Please return everything to the Boardroom if you are the last game of the day. Please return the books immediately following your game. The Pitch Count folders by team name are in the drawers, please place the pitch count sheets in them.


Although it's not the official "Scorekeeping App of SMLLA", a lot of  our teams decide to use GameChanger as a supplement for their scorekeeping needs. Please note that Paper Scorebooks & Pitch Counts are still required.  GameChanger is great for team organization, statistics, and in-game live scoring for parents and family who cannot attend games in person.  Visit GameChanger for more information

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